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Belly wellness
A Gut Health Program 

Belly Wellness


a program designed to help you rehabilitate your gut microbiota using primarily whole foods plant-based only. 

Self-guided available for those who feel confident enough to do this on their own. 


Introducing the 8-Week Belly wellness program

With my program you'll learn all about how to keep the microbiota, your gut bacteria, happy. It will be your pathway to an optimal healthy gut, your "Belly Wellness" by using nature's bounty, naturally. 

You'll learn how to balance your gut with








All these determine the health of your microbiota

We really are what we "eat"!

Sounds simple doesn't it?

It is actually very simple... Yet... you don't know where to begin!

You need a plan. A plan that meets YOUR individual needs.

This 8 week "Belly Wellness" program gives you the head start you need and it is all done for you! You don't have to figure it out on your own. With this Self-Guided version, I am available through the Facebook group, Chat-box on this website or by emailing me. You will also have access to a one-hour group coaching session per month with no more than 4 people in the session.

My coaching plans recognize and respect that:

You are unique!

You have BIO-INDIVIDUAL needs. 

There is no single approach that fits every one.

Especially when it comes to your gut microbiota.

While as humans we share 99.9% of our genes with other humans,

2/3 of our gut microbes are unique only to you, 1/3 is common to most humans.

So there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. With this program you'll explore

different ways of eating that support a healthy gut and learn how to create personalized approaches to food. 

You may be dealing with cravings


So, we'll work on:


Many people believe that cravings are a problem, but cravings play a critical role in understanding what the body needs and shouldn’t be ignored. When you learn how to deconstruct your cravings and understand what they’re really telling you, you will be able to reclaim a sense of balance and harmony.


You will experience first hand the concept of:



“Crowding out” is a practice that involves adding more healthy food to your diet. It’s difficult to eat whole, nutritious foods all day and then over indulge on ice cream – the body can only take so much food! If you fill your body with healthy fibrous nutrient-dense foods, that support a healthy gut microbiota, it is only natural that cravings for unhealthy foods will decrease. You'll have the opportunity to commit fully to a nutrient-dense plan. 

You will begin to understand that you have a

symbiotic relationship with your gut. 

I therefore include a self-care component in this program

that is based on the concept of: 



Our gut regulates mood and behavior, regulates immunity function,

modulates digestive hormone release and it completely depends on what you are asking it to digest, including stress. So, in my program I introduce ways to reduce stress and to help you back to a healthy balance.

So, let's do this together.

Here is a peek of what's inside this program

*4 bi-weekly, info-packed e-Guides overflowing with every piece of information you need to get the results your body needs—think of it as the ultimate go-to resource guide for your gut!

*Mouthwatering Recipe Guide packed with over 59 chef-approved food and beverage recipes to keep you nourished, satisfied and toxin-free!

*8-Weeks of suggested meals to make gut rebuilding easy as 1-2-3 for the entire 2-month period—yes, you heard that right— no need to plan for 8 weeks (go ahead and take a deep breath)! I made life easy for you. 

*8 Shopping lists to make your trips to the supermarket 110% hassle-free! 

*Email support from yours truly—I’m here to make sure you succeed!

*A Food Diary so that you can reflect on how your meals make you feel and unleash your maximum health and wellness potential!

*BONUS - Some awesome e-booklets with simple reminders for your gut health journey

*PLUS PROGRAM - For those who feel they can't do this without a coach, I also offer a PLUS program upgrade that includes everything above PLUS four 45 minute private coaching sessions. 

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