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How I have helped others establish an online presence...

Working with Sylvie has transformed both my personal and business life and IS the best investment I made in ME and my business! She is a phenomenal business coach, awesome web and program designer and “real” listener.  It is the best investment into my business I've ever made! 


Here’s the deal: “I’m really busy with lots of great ideas but no time it seems to get a project to completion – or so I thought.”  I’m a small business owner, wife, new mom and dog mom to four pups. Between home responsibilities and my start-up pet health and fitness business I have a very full and blessed life.  However, the truth is that it got to a point where both home and business were co-mingling and the lines were very blurred. It was through Sylvie’s personalized approach that she helped guide me to overcome my distractions and center my focus back -- to as she says, “What is generating money for your business today?”  That was my “aha” moment. Together we discussed my business ideas and projects, created an immediate To Do List vs. the Wish or Future Project List.  Now I have a “successful” roadmap to work from daily.



The first project we agreed to tackle was the fact that I had out grown my website.  It felt old, boring, lacked color, flare and truth be known, I was embarrassed to refer potential clients let alone vendors to my website.  You see, my business is hard enough to explain because I help owners of overweight pets avoid unnecessary veterinarian bills by giving the best nutrition and fitness plan for their pet to return to optimal health.  I am affectionately referred to as the “Fat Dog Health Coach.”  I shared with Sylvie that I wanted a new website that was engaging, interesting, educational, and fun and allowed me to be in touch with my clients in a consistent but not "in your face" -- kind of way.  Sylvie designed a website that is user friendly (for me), full of life and color but best of all clearly addresses my mission to offer the best in pet and people wellness programs and with the goal of reducing the pet obesity epidemic.
Our second project was to streamline and automate my pet and human coaching programs. This automation has really allowed me to spend more time “talking, learning about and sharing” with my clients while spending less time “emailing documents” for our sessions.
In addition to learning some very important business tips and tools, I've gained so much more from working with Sylvie. My confidence in daily conversation with clients, vendors, and other professionals has boomed and now I even prioritize time for myself. Initially, I thought time for myself would be one more task on my ‘to do' list.  Ironically, I've found it rejuvenates me, organizes me and allows me to be more focused and effective!   
The tools I've learned have made such a huge difference in my life and I want to share them with everyone. If anyone has questions or doubts, I would love to talk to them!  By the way, if you aren’t working with Sylvie you (and your clients) are missing out.
Melissa Morrison
Fur Fitness - Health and Wellness for Pets and People 

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Having been fortunate enough, to have Sylvie  come and sort out my e-mailing problems was, without doubt, the best thing that as ever happened in my role as a publicity officer to my local community. I am a self-confessed technophobe who had had sleepless nights due to my e-mails, failing to reach all those who had requested information. Sylvie, quietly, patiently (very patiently) and very thoroughly explained and took me through the system that she knew would solve my problems. Having got me started she then provided that most important factor of all, availability and support to help me through my first attempts. I am delighted to say that I am now sleeping again and creating more visually attractive information e-mails than ever.

Many, many thanks Sylvie.


Colin Smith

Chairman, Treasurer, Publicity Officer

Nerja Capistrano Social Activities Committee


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Sylvie helped me and I am grateful. She built two beautiful professional websites for me. They speak for themselves. My testimonial is about my process of having a website built and the process of working with Sylvie in building them for me. 


Sylvie cares: she cares about quality, service and excellence. She was not content with boilerplate presence or content. Her process involved getting me to commit my all so that she could commit her all to develop a personal and professional platform that truly represents our commitment to transparency and to the well-being of all who seek better living for themselves and in our involvement with them. When properly done, this process isn’t easy. it requires hard work, soul-searching and self-searching on both my side and Sylvie’s, with Sylvie as the creator of that public first impression to the cyber-world of strangers.


In my opinion, she did a marvelous job, of both creating the websites and facilitating the creative process necessary to succeed. Kudos. Kudos to character, integrity and excellence.

Sylvie is bright, creative and ethical, obsessively caring about others and about professionalism, yours and hers. Her quest is transparent: to develop products and services that help others help themselves clarify their mission and market it with integrity. 


Many others can sell you product and or services. Few if any, can combine both, with your well-being as her primary concern. Her products and service are beyond reproach. She won’t have it any other way.


Gary S. Grossman Ph.D.

"You Didn't Get Hooked From Breathing"

Gary S. GrossmanPhD (website)


"Working with Sylvie was 100 % worth the investment.  Sylvie took care of all my needs, explained and followed through and gave me a level of assurance I would never have gotten otherwise. If you are a Health Coach considering building a new website I can highly recommend "going pro" by working with Sylvie.  You'll get utmost professionalism and stellar expertise with some coaching love thrown in.
Sylvie made building my website and creating my programs so easy!  She walked me through every step and guided me through the whole process so I felt completely confident and safe in her hands. Her remarkable talents and insight gave me clarity in the process of what I wanted to create.  She lovingly walked me through each step as they build on one another.  She was warm, thorough and generous which made it a very pleasant experience. Besides building my website, Sylvie and her talented team also helped create my online programs.  I am especially proud of the 10 week "Replenish" course, which is my Signature Program.

She also set up all the autoresponders in Mailchimp with beautiful banners, set up Paypal, Social Media accounts and Facebook groups.  She handled all the graphic design beautifully, she has great talent.  Sylvie also branded all the coaching forms, documents and programs exactly as I requested, in line with the colors and look of my website.
But perhaps the most important of all: the Customer Service is of the highest quality possible!  Sylvie replied to all my needs/questions promptly, no question was too much, too big or too small.  She delivered each section of the job on time.  She delivered above and beyond what I expected and I am very appreciative of her hard work! She understands your needs as a Coach.
I will always be grateful for her designing and coaching love.  I'm thrilled with all the work Sylvie did for me, she gave me the tools I need to take my business to new heights.
THANK YOU Sylvie for wanting the best for me, for knowing so much about webdesign and for holding my hand all the way.  Also, thank you for shifting my fears and celebrating my new business.  Working with you has been a true joy!"
Tania Pinto

Flavors of Health


I have been working with Sylvie for more than 5 years on our website, email and Facebook set-up from planning to designing, launching and marketing. She is talented, knowledgeable and creative with her work. I don't know what I would do without her expertise to guide me through the process of formulating an online presence. I count on her to manage these and she does a great job! Sylvie is both passionate and dedicated to her work and she is a pleasure to work with.

Phyllis Farrow
Executive Director
Jewish Federation Central California


I worked with Sylvie when I was starting my online wine business in 2011 and again in 2012. She helped me critique the website I was having built for me and she gave me timely and relevant suggestions for developing my expertise in the use of social media to help build awareness and understanding for my business among potential customers.
For a start-up, there is no measurement for the value of having a professional with the depth of knowledge Sylvie brings to the table. There is also the unqualified enthusiasm that makes learning and thriving with Sylvie's help such an asset.
Businesses that know where they want to go and are off on the path to executing their plans will reap great benefits by hiring Sylvie. She will take you to the next level in social media, web design and so many critical business functions in today's marketplace.
Mike Kaufher
Mike Kaufher Wines

Working with Sylvie has been a dream come true for me. She literally has transformed my life and my business etiquette!

I contacted Sylvie with extreme urgency; the job had an expiration date and it was within days. Sylvie did more than rise to the occasion. She was basically available 24/7 - I really don't know where she found the time to sleep. She had the arduous task of working with someone that has no technical or computer skills at all. I can barely navigate my way through my emails. I felt guilty every time I had to call upon her to ask her what should be a simple question to most but for me it was always a disaster. Every single time she stayed vigilant and patient!!! I'm sure I've given her a few extra grays - LOL!

In the end she was able to develop a website, an email, a proposal in several formats; she even got so involved as to send me additional information that would support my goals. In addition, she had a hand in my updated resume and cover letter. This went beyond my expectations!!!

What you get with Sylvie is someone that is full of caring and trust and treats your project as if it's her own. She is able to somehow feel your heart and compassion and she effectively transforms this into "just the right" website for "YOU"! It's not cookie cutter, but personalized. She never feels like a job is too big!

I cannot compare her to any other website or service out there; because in my opinion there isn't one that can be compared to hers!!! Making the decision to choose Sylvie will be the BEST investment you can ever make for yourself, your business and your family!! Peace of mind is PRICELESS and that is absolutely what you get and more with Sylvie.

Dina Caldwell-Holistic Health Coach 

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