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Plantbased Transition Program 

For Men

If you've been watching your belly grow, your energy zapped, your joints aching, experiencing constipation and you're worried about erectile dysfunction, you'll need to begin getting comfortable with talking about it, especially with your physician. What you need to understand is that erectile dysfunction (ED) is like the canary in a coal mine. It is very often a marker for coronary disease and if you are relatively young (40) it should set off an alarm.  If your lifestyle includes consuming high amounts of cholesterol and fat you are setting yourself up for serious lifestyle illnesses. Belly fat breaks down testosterone, which creates ED and fewer sperm. Presence of ED increases risk of coronary vascular disease by 40%. Heart healthy lifestyle leads to improvement of ED. If you've had symptoms and before entering this program, I strongly encourage you to work with your physician before hiring a wellness coach.  


If you are a fan of sports you'll most likely have heard or read that there are a growing number of professional players in a variety of sports who have switched to a WHOLE FOOD PLANT-BASED LIFESTYLE. They see that it has improved and sustained their performance. You've heard so much about it lately and have done a little research and you're thinking that maybe you'll give it a try but frankly you don't know how to begin. A good coach will guide you to creating your own lifestyle transition plan based on suggestions tailored to your needs and after you've checked with your physician.  

Included in the program: 

Men's Guide to Clean Eating

Men's Guide to Building Muscle

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Wellbeing Questionaire 

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