An 8 week  PLUS program gives you that head start you need AND It is all done for you! You will begin to understand that you have a symbiotic relationship with your gut.  Our gut regulates mood and behavior, regulates immunity function, modulates digestive hormone release and it completely depends on what you are asking it to digest, including stress. 


Upon purchase you will receive a welcome letter followed with instructions for downloading your weekly content.


What you will receive:

PLUS Program includes: Four 45 minute private coaching sessions

1. Four bi-weekly, jam-packed e-guides overflowing with every piece of information you need to get the results your body needs—think of it as the ultimate go-to resource guide for your gut!

2. A mouthwatering Recipe Guide packed with over 59 chef-approved food and beverage recipes to keep you nourished, satisfied and toxin-free!

3. Eight Weeks of suggested meals to make gut rebuilding easy as 1-2-3 for the entire 2-month period.  

4. Eight Shopping lists to make your trips to the supermarket 100% hassle-free! 
5. Email support from yours truly—I’m here to make sure you succeed!

6. A Food Diary so that you can reflect on how your meals make you feel and unleash your maximum health and wellness potential!

7. Some awesome bonus e-booklets with simple reminders for your gut health journey


For those who are not ready to take the 100% plantbased journey, an optional omnivore option is included. 


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