Weeks Seven and Eight

Belly Wellness Program
Weeks 7 and 8

Can you believe you’re almost at the end of this program? Of course, just because you’re at the end of this program doesn’t mean you’re at the end of your gut health journey.

Remember, this should be a new way of life for you, one that will bring you ultimate health and happiness.

I really hope that you feel transformed by now and excited about your newfound vitality. 

This week, we’re learning about gut health for everyday lifestyle. Consult eBook Weeks 7 and 8 for more information on snacking, eating healthy on a dime, choosing organic produce, meal prepping, and traveling.

Remember to continue writing in your Food Diary and reflecting on how the food is making you feel.

By the end of this week, you will have done the following:
Learned how to maintain your new lifestyle regardless of your budget or busy schedule

Tell me what you have learned about yourself.  I hope your plate is loaded with cultured vegetables, and you are skin brushing daily plus de-stressing. 

I am sure you are feeling like you have a grip on your gut health because the tools you have in your back pocket are priceless. 

To your health!

With Love, 


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